Maes Lighting Sheds Light on New Lighting Innovations and Technological Trends

Trends and technology that emerged in the Lighting industry

Broken Arrow, OK – 21/03/2022: Since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, lighting has undergone the greatest transformation. Over the past few decades, LED lighting technology has advanced significantly. In terms of promoting innovation, creating new solutions, and regularly making advancements, the LED industry undoubtedly holds the top spot. The LED market has undergone a significant shift over the past ten years, and it continues to expand at an outstanding rate. Thanks to factors including new product advancements, rising demand for energy-efficient lighting, and government initiatives for the creation of smart cities. Lighting was dominated by LEDs in 2020, contributing more than 60% of the global lighting market. The market is expected to develop significantly over the next several years as industry leaders diversify their inventive manufacturing capabilities.

There have been small advancements achieved in the ways that light is created and transmitted. The LED lighting market is anticipated to be dominated by the following trends.

IoT-based “Smart” Lighting: A Lighting control system was introduced to make LED lights more economical, practical, and safe. With the advent of smart lighting, it is now possible to schedule the lights using the smart lighting system to save money and energy. The software that connects the smart LED bulbs to an application, allows for remote control of the lights, doing away with the need for conventional switches. The ability to remotely adjust the lights provides versatility. Since they consume up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, last 25 times longer, and generate greater light, LED bulbs are at the core of intelligent lighting strategies. The use of smart lighting systems is expected to rise over the next few years as the connection in devices like cameras, audio equipment, thermostats, and house assistants becomes more widespread.

LED grow lights for indoor farming: One-fourth of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the world’s food chain. In indoor farming, such as horticulture, artificial LED lights are used to supplement natural daylight in order to improve quality and productivity. The distinctive qualities of crops can be preserved, along with their nutritional value and flavor, with the aid of LED grow lights. Additionally, LEDs offer the ideal heat-light balance to enhance the growth of floriculture crops. Since they use less electricity, produce less heat, and need less maintenance than HPS lights, LED grow lights are very cost-effective for the operator. LED lights are superior to HPS since they maintain a cooler temperature, High crop output from LED grow lights increases crop productivity, which boosts business profitability.

Application of LED in Automobiles: 

Due to advantages like increased brightness that promotes safer driving, LED lights continue to make their way into the automotive industry. The most popular method for digitizing cars is the Advanced Front Lighting System. The dashboards, climate control systems, telematics, door lights, and other automotive components all employ LED lighting. For increased defensive driving, automakers are utilizing cutting-edge technology like adaptive driving beams and integrating intelligence into their lighting systems. Because of their low price, great efficiency, and compact packages, LEDs are quickly becoming more and more common in automobiles. Automakers are incorporating LED lighting into the interior of vehicles as a way to improve the driving and passenger experiences. Additionally, LED producers are continually enhancing brightness, energy economy, and thermal performance for increased safety due to the growing use of LEDs in headlights.

Human-Centric LED Lighting for Enhanced Efficiency: Our mental and emotional health is impacted by the lighting in our environment. The greatest lighting promotes sensations of excitement and vigor, whereas old fluorescent lights that are dark can produce damaging focus issues and restlessness. In order to increase the effectiveness and productivity of workforces, human-centric lighting practices are adopted. For workplaces and offices, human-centric lighting (HCL) powered by LEDs has a variety of potential advantages, which increases the value of the spaces where luminaires are placed for occupants. In order to keep employees alert and to provide warmer CCTs for patient comfort, healthcare facilities use HCL to add colder concealer colour temperatures. To keep students attentive, educational institutions are introducing HCL illumination based on LED technology. To improve the flying experience for passengers, LED-based HCL systems have even been deployed in airplanes. 

Smooth Color spectrum: LED light often offers considerable increases in light quality due to its wide and even color spectrum, making it compatible with people’s natural sleep patterns. Installing adjustable fixtures and smart lighting controllers that can control intensity and CCT is necessary to introduce HCL into a facility. However, using astronomically based event times, LED color tuning technology can help automatically coordinate a structure’s brightness schedule to meet the precise lighting effects outside the building. The parameters can be modified or overridden depending on the situation.

Lifi Connectivity: The most recent advancement in lighting technology offers high-speed wireless data connection that is quicker than WiFi access. Li-Fi has even been called the next advancement in LED technology. LEDs with IoT integration can be used for both light production and data transmission. Lifi shows high-quality speed of up to 30 MBPS using visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light waves. Li-Fi built into the LED lights would open up a new route for internet connectivity in commercial settings and offices where internet availability can occasionally be an issue. Due to machine-type communications, Lifi utilization will increase in the upcoming years. Contact Maes Lighting at or call 866-860-6399 for any bulk or single orders and we will get it delivered to you in 2 to 7 days.

About Maes Lighting Inc.: Founded in 2008 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Maes Lighting is a family-owned business that provides industrial and commercial lighting products to customers around the globe. Committed to delivering top quality lighting solutions at affordable prices, the company works to create long-term relationships with its customers. Always supplies the highest quality lighting products designed to meet the ever-expanding market needs. Their constant drive to expand their unique product catalog ensures that you always have access to the products you need. Stands behind it’s products with a manufacturer’s warranty and a manufacturer’s return policy. All the products are backed by a comprehensive warranty with the minimum amount of limitations and restrictions in the small print.

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