Leading in the AR market with $500 billion: WIMI Hologram AR disclosed the data in its IPO prospectus


Speaking of one of the whirlwinds in the last few years, it must be the AR holographic technology. When it comes to holographic technology, some pictures of science fiction movies may appear to the eye of WIMI Hologram AR. For example, in the “Star Wars” series, characters are able to communicate through holographic images in real time at distances of several galaxies. If we really want to select a few cool techs companies this year, then it can be seen in the IPO prospectus of WIMI Hologram AR that what eye-catching and showy truths are there in this future technology company which is passed down from mouth to mouth?


As a newly emerging industry, the global holographic AR market has great growth potential, which has attracted a lot of investment since 2016, and has made great contributions to the growth of the industry. Several organizations, including R & D, have been invested a lot in the technology to develop solutions for businesses and consumer groups. The market of holographic augmented reality has been widely applied in games, media and marketing for many years. Its applications in advertising, entertainment, education and retail have been expanding, which is expected to drive demand during the predictive period.



Above is the Global holographic AR market size by income from 2016 to 2025.

Note: hardware refers to the revenue of hardware manufacturers, including AR rendering equipment, such as AR glasses, AR helmets as well as holographic imaging equipment, such as holographic projector, holographic cabinet and holographic advertising machine and so on. The software and content refer to the revenue of a participant that provides AR, holographic content, ARSDK, or technical service. Source: Frost & Sullivan



According to We-Media “iponews”, WIMI Hologram AR has filed its IPO prospectus with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering (IPO). From the explanation of the prospectus, the truth about WIMI Hologram AR is shown in front of the public, which finally let the holographic cloud industry open its horizons with careful study…


1. The revenue of WIMI Hologram AR is eye-catching


It is shown in the prospectus that the net profit of WIMI Hologram AR rose from 7333 million Yuan in 2017 to 8921 million Yuan in 2018. The gross income rose from 49226626 Yuan in the  first quarter of 2018 to 78492282 Yuan in the  first quarter of 2019, which increased by 29265656 Yuan with 59.5 percent of growing rate. Net profit increased by 15266858 Yuan with 68.7 percent of growing rate from 22226934 Yuan for the three months ended on March 31st of 2018 to 37493792 Yuan for the three months ended on March 31st of 2019. The gross income of the WIMI Hologram AR increased from RMB 192,029,524 Yuan in 2017 to RMB 225,271,564 Yuan in 2018.


From the above data, it is easy to see that the whole business growth of the WIMI Hologram AR is in a benign development trend, and the financial revenue of 3 years has been increasing from 2017 2019. It is shown in the feedback from this market that the business revenue has been increasing, and the market development has been expanding.


2. The entertainment and advertising market in the application scene of WIMI Hologram AR is huge.


At present, AR applications are mainly used in such industries as entertainment, advertising, and education. Its hardware environment is relatively mature, which is very beneficial to the development of software and content in these fields. In the long run, this application will also appear in the field of social networking and communication, although these applications have still been limited by hardware technology.


For entertainment: the holographic AR technology is applied in entertainment industry for the first time. From the Hatsune Miku, the holographic picture of the late singer Teresa Teng, to the popularity of the Pokemon GO, AR games, holographic live concerts, fashion shows, all of which warmly welcomed the holographic AR application.

Source: Frost & Sullivan


The application market of holographic AR in the entertainment industry was 600 million Yuan in 2016. The compound annual growth rate is expected to be 83.5 percent from 2016 to 2020, 92.8 percent from 2020 to 2025, and 180 billion Yuan by 2025. Such a rapid growth is supposed to be attributed to the increasing popularity of entertainment radio programs, especially live radio programs, including ceremonies, concerts, parties and sports events, in which AR has great potential. What’s more, the enhancement of live broadcast capabilities brought about by smart phones and other portable digital devices has also contributed to this growth.


For advertising: there are two types of holographic AR in advertising, that is, 3D  volumetric display technology and online App. Snapchat and instagram, for example, have developed AR filter ads which is characterized by fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and cosmetics. Another type of advertising is “plug-in unit” ads in TV programs, which sells products by manually adding computer-generated 3D images to the original scene.

Source: Frost & Sullivan


China’s advertising based on the holographic AR market reached 900 million Yuan in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 71.8 percent from 2016 to 2020, 78.9 percent from 2020 to 2025 and 143.9 billion Yuan by 2025. China’s advertising based on the holographic AR market reached 900 million Yuan in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 71.8 percent from 2016 to 2020, 78.9 percent from 2020 to 2025 and 143.9 billion Yuan by 2025. This growth is mainly driven by the boom in advertising and new retailing. Because advertisers have been pursuing the most cutting-edge visual effects to attract customers, the application of AR in advertising has been constantly diversified.


3D volumetric display technology occupies some share of offline advertising display, and since which has more amazing effect than that of the traditional display, it can be widely used in retail stores. With the rapid development of short video applications in China, the number of sponsor filters in social network applications will continue to increase. In the long run, advertising based on the holographic AR will be more interactive, 3D volumetric display will continue to occupy more share of market, and appear in the form of larger size in term of projection. Interaction between advertisers and customers can be achieved without headgear and other electronic devices. From the market scale drawn from the research on big data, the products of WIMI Hologram AR are expected to grow continually in the next few years.


3, Revenue from the AR advertising and AR entertainment have been growing continually.


Revenue of the WIMI Hologram AR includes it from AR advertising services and AR entertainment. AR advertising services use holographic materials and are integrated into advertisements on online media platforms or offline displays. When delivering the relevant services according to the specific terms of the contract, the income will be generated for WIMI Hologram AR. The terms are usually based on the specific actions displayed online (that is, the Cost Per Impressions (“CPM”) or the Cost Per Action (“CPA”), as well as the duration of the service of the contract displayed offline.


Revenue from the AR entertainment includes software development kit (“SDK”), payment channel services, software development, mobile game services and technology development. When the user completes the payment transaction by SDK, WIMI Hologram AR will gain the related income after deducting the payment to the content provider.


Revenue from AR advertising increased about 28.9 million Yuan ($4.3 million), revenue from the AR entertainment increased about 200000 Yuan ($100,000), and the gross income increased about 29.3 million Yuan, with 59.5 percent of growth rate. It rose from about 49.2 million Yuan ($11.7 million) in the first quarter of 2018 to about 78.5 million Yuan ($11.7 million) in the first quarter of 2019.


Revenue from AR advertising services of WIMI Hologram AR rose from about 34.1 million Yuan in the first quarter of 2018 to about 63 million Yuan ($9.4 million) in the first quarter of 2019, an increase of about 28.9 million Yuan, with 84.7 percent of growth rate. The growth was mainly due to an increase in the number of advertisers, most of whom were recommended by older customers who are satisfied with service provided by WIMI Hologram AR. In the first quarter of 2018, there were 49 customers; in the first quarter of 2019, the customers were up to 65. Compared with the average income of 700,000 Yuan per customer gained in the first quarter of 2018, it was increased to about 1 million Yuan for per customer in the first quarter of 2019. The increase in average income is based on technological progress, which allows WIMI to plant more content in advertising. On account of the increase in the number of advertisers, the number of payment history in AR ads based on the WIMI Hologram AR roughly increased by 76.9 percent from 1.3 billion in the three months ended on March 31st of 2018 to 2.3 billion in the three months ended on March 31st of 2019.


The income from the entertainment based on WIMI Hologram AR increased from about 15.1 million Yuan in the first quarter of 2018 to about 15.5 million Yuan (about 2.3 million US dollars) in the first quarter of 2019, increasing by about RMB 400,000 Yuan or 2.6%.


As a matter of fact, the real label for WIMI Hologram AR should be user operation. The so-called user operation is that it is divided into two dimensions: absorbing new users and old users repurchase. From the IPO prospectus, it can be seen that WIMI Hologram AR shows high ability in both dimensions.


IPO prospectus shows that, with the change of bandwidth conditions of 5G holographic communication network, the market of 5G holographic application will be ushered in the explosive way, such high-end applications as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference and holographic press conference will gradually popularize to the direction of holographic social contact, holographic communication, holographic navigation, holographic home applications and so on. Based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI DeepFake technology as the core technology, WIMI Hologram AR plans to support holographic cloud platform service and 5G communication holographic application with a number of innovative systems.


Through the construction of a real-time modeling system with multi-angle shooting, the WIMI Hologram AR is capable of scanning the acquisition object in full dimension and synthesized it into a three-dimensional model in real time. Six-degree matrix light field system: It makes full use of multi-light source to construct the imaging field of holographic virtual image. Binocular parallax intelligent enhancement system: It is capable of tracking the trajectory of the object and adjusting the light in the process of acquisition to maintain the equilibrium value of binocular disparity. The multi-image dynamic converged system: It makes use of the multi-dimensional image technology with wide-angle acquisition in the narrow space is applied to the small-scale holographic stack of the cloud view. Holographic high-speed image processing algorithm: It is capable of processing the image information at extreme speed, and in the mean time, the rendering effect is guaranteed with the processing rate up to 10gb/ seconds. Stealth polyester optical imaging film: The key components of holographic imaging makes the holographic image be in perfectly imaging display. Holographic virtual character reconstruction technology in pictures and sound: It makes use of such technologies as capturing dynamic human bones, rendering image in real time, speech recognition, and sound simulation to present virtual human. Holographic cloud spectrum platform: It has an interactive platform with the functions of data storage, image restoration and holographic social contact with a coverage of nationwide image acquisition and restoration. WIMI Hologram AR has built a complete 5G holographic communication application platform with the combination of above systems to support a variety of online terminal and personal equipment applications. In the mean time, it has expanded the mainstream 5g holographic applications, such as holographic social communication, holographic family interaction, holographic star interaction, holographic online education and holographic online conference.


It is shown in the IPO prospectus of WIMI Hologram AR that the services of WIMI Hologram AR will be deeply combined with 5G. Under the cooperation of 5G with high rate and low delay, it makes the average transmission delay is about 6ms in terms of remote communication, data transmission as well as from system terminal to service server, which is much lower than 4G network transmission delay. It truly ensures the richness and diversity of holographic AR remote communication and data transmission without stuttering and low delay, and the richness and diversity of interaction in term of multi-terminal cooperation in different places. It makes the collaboration of port + cloud collaboration more efficient. Based on 5G AI face recognition technology and holographic AI DeepFake technology, the application of the enhanced mobile broadband (EMBB) and Internet of things (IOT) has made plenty of holographic services of the WIMI Hologram AR to be achieved with effective growth, such as holographic AR advertising business, holographic AR entertainment business, holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference, holographic social contact, holographic communication, holographic home hologram and so on.

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